“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

Traveling is so good for the soul. The following are my top places and things I want to see and do before I kick the can. I’ve included things I’ve already done to remind myself of where I’ve been.

This post was originally published on my old blog site but I’ve updated it for this post.


  1. See the sunrise over Angkor Wat in Cambodia (It was magical!)
  2. Kiss on the Eiffel Tower in Paris
  3. See the pyramids of Egypt
  4. Gaze at the New York city skyline
  5. See the Taj Mahal in India
  6. Visit the Colosseum in Rome
  7. Visit the Sistine Chapel


  1. Sail the Galapagos and hang out with the animals
  2. Gaze at the dazzling Aurora Borealis
  3. Cruise Ha Long Bay in Vietnam
  4. Smell the cherry blossoms in Japan
  5. Marvel at the icebergs in the Antarctic
  6. See the Grand Canyon at sunset
  7. See lions, elephants, rhinoceros, buffalo and leopards in Africa (Limpopo National Park)
  8. Cruise down the Amazon River and stay at a jungle lodge
  9. Whale watching (Bay of Fundy / Grand Manan)


  1. Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu
  2. Biking in Amsterdam
  3. Bike the Brooklyn Bridge
  4. Bike along the beach coast in Nice, France. (Promenade des Anglais)
  5. Fishing in Alaska
  6. Ride a camel across the Sahara Desert
  7. Kayak the Hopewell Rocks (We did this TWICE!)
  8. Walk the Great Wall of China
  9. Hiking in Yellowstone National Park
  10. Climb a mountain, any mountain. (Climbed Mt. Sinai in Egypt…2,285 m OMG! OK, technically I rode a camel partway up but I hiked the other part where it was too treacherous for a camel to pass through! Let’s climb another one…)

    …AND WE DID. This time closer to home at Mt. Carleton. At 817 m, it was an easier climb, but I did this at 8 weeks pregnant (Ughhh… I was soooo tired and nauseous).
  11. Hang out with all the penguins in the Falklands
  12. Camping in Australia’s Outback
  13. Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge


  1. Sleep on a beach (any beach)
  2. Get my beach on in Koh Phi Phi
  3. Get my beach on in Hawaii. (Lanikai Beach, one of the BEST beaches, so gorgeous.)
  4. Mud bath and float in the Dead Sea
  5. Yoga in Bali
  6. Sleep on the Nile River in Egypt (slept on a felucca)
  7. Camp out in the Wadi Rum Desert
  8. Sleep beneath the stars in the Sahara Desert (This was unreal.)
  9. Dip in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon


  1. Drink Moroccan tea in Marrakech
  2. Drink in Dublin
  3. Karaoke and sushi in Tokyo
  4. Café au lait in Paris
  5. Visit the Blue Mosque and have Turkish coffee in Istanbul


  1. See the mysterious Stonehenge (We woke at the crack of dawn for a sunrise tour where we got to walk in and around the site itself. Priceless.)
  2. Glow worms in Waitomo Caves (New Zealand)
  3. Stroll along the streets of Venice
  4. Visit the magical, fairy tale place of Colmar (France)
  5. View the statues on Easter Island
  6. Stay in a hut over the ocean in Bora Bora
  7. Petra
  8. Walk the Siq in Jordan
  9. Scope out a castle in Scotland
  10. See the sunset from a sailboat in Santorini, Greece
  11. Smile with the Mona Lisa in Paris
  12. Check out the Banaue Rice Terraces in the Philippines


  1. Waltz in Vienna
  2. Salsa in Cuba
  3. Dance in the Carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro
  4. Party at Oktoberfest in Munich
  5. Mardi Gras in New Orleans


  1. Bet $100 hand in black jack in Las Vegas
  2. Kiss the Blarney Stone in Ireland
  3. Road trip across Route 66 in the US
  4. Ride the Trans-Mongolian Express train
  5. RV roadtrip across Canada (oh yes, I’ve barely explored my own country, it’s so huge.)
  6. Get lost in Fez


Do you have suggestions for me? What’s on your travel bucket list?