I wanted to start my year with intention, but not with a list of resolutions. Then I came across an interesting article Choosing Your Guiding Word for 2016 (thanks Elaine).

Interesting concept! A word… one word to guide you in your year… and I already knew what that word was. It was quietly whispering to me since the hustle and bustle of the holidays wore off… it was ‘simplicity’. I wanted less.

Less commitments to make, less multi-tasking, less expenses, less clothes to wash, less things to clean/organize, less ‘to do’s’, less distractions, less clutter, etc. Not less in a sense of depriving myself, but less in a sense that if it didn’t bring me joy, has value or served a function then I don’t need it.

I’ve discovered that it takes just as much effort to leave a space blank as it does to fill the space. The space could be a room, my calendar or my head. Even writing this, I want to fill it with more words.

I want less so I can have more of what matters.

So here’s to 2017!