Over the past few years I’ve come to stop buying certain things. Mainly because of my effort of moving towards a more minimal and natural lifestyle. The other reason is simply because I want to save money and reduce waste. So here are 7 things I’ve stopped buying in no particular order.

Dryer Sheets

A couple years ago, I bought wool dryer balls from our local Farmer’s Market on a whim and never looked back! I love that it’s all natural, sustainable and basically just stays in the dryer. No my clothes do not come out smelling like lavender fields but that’s OK. I could probably put a few drops of essential oils on them if I wanted a scent.


Let me clarify, we don’t buy soda when we do grocery. If I’m out and get takeout I sometimes get pop. I’m not against having a pop pick-me-up, I just don’t keep any in our house. It hasn’t been part of our grocery list in a long time (at least a few years). The only time we buy it is when we have guests over and we think ‘what if people want pop?’ and get it for them, but I’m starting to wonder if we should just say ‘BYOP’.

Bulk Shampoo/Conditioner

This one is more recent and something I’m vowing not to buy anymore. Over the summer I noticed my hair would feel greasy or just had a buildup and I couldn’t figure out why. That is until I switched shampoo and noticed it was the shampoo from my 1 litre bottle. It was somehow leaving a residue on my hair, I threw it out and felt awful about the waste. Before this, I also had to throw out a bottle that was half used because it seemed to have gone bad (it turned chunky, ewww). I realize I don’t wash my hair all that much (twice a week here) so why am I buying such huge portions? Oh that’s right, buying bulk size saves money right? Right?? Well, not when products go bad and yes beauty products spoil. Right. Buy only what I need.

Liquid Hand Soap and Shower Gels

Sure they smelled nice but I can’t justify all that plastic container waste going into landfills. I’m looking at you Bath and Body Works. So no more. A couple years ago I’ve started buying soap instead. I’m now a soap addict. I especially love locally made, natural artisan soaps. I feel better using them and there’s much less packaging waste.

All Purpose Cleaning Product

Since having a baby I’m much more conscious of chemicals in the house. I’ve started making my own all purpose natural cleaning spray and can’t believe how easy (and cheap) it is! It’s also effective at cleaning. I wish I had done it sooner. Beyond that, I’ve made my own granite spray, window spray, and shower and toilet cleaners. Again, wayyy cheaper and less toxic goop in the house.

Glade or any plug and smell things

I used to get these for the home 5-6 years ago because it smells so nice. But again, what am I smelling? I’ve since read that these things can be toxic because of the chemicals used in them and you’re breathing it in (gross!). I’ve opted to just open the window for a fresh breeze instead during the summer. I also prefer candles (soy or beeswax). My brother got me an essential oil diffuser/cool mist humidifier for Christmas so I’ve been using that with essential oils lately.

Tampons, pads and liners

Since using cloth diapers on my little one, I became curious about mama cloths. I decided to try liners first. So I bought some cloth liners from a local shop Bean and Bear (highly recommend)… and I can’t imagine going back to disposable liners. Never mind that they are much more softer and comfortable but I can throw them in the wash and reuse them instead of it going into the trash. I’ve since decided to give menstrual cups a go. I haven’t used them yet but I’ve read so many good things about them from women who’ve switched over that I can’t wait to give them a try and (crossing my finger) hopefully never buying anymore disposable tampons or pads!! Not only will this save me money in the long run but the environmental benefit is huge. Not to mention, no more paying taxes on feminine hygiene products, consider this my way of sticking it to the man!