Hello friends! I realize it’s been a while (a few years) since I’ve written a blog post, oops! I’ve been busy raising tiny humans… but I miss writing and I’d like to kick-start my blog again. 🙂

I also realize we’re well into 2020 and I’ve already made a list of things I wanted to do for this year. I just prefer having a guiding word for my year, it’s so much easier to maintain and focus on in my opinion.

For 2020, my guiding word is also one that’s been quietly whispering to me since the start of the new year… and it is ‘kind’.

Looking back on the past few years, a lot has changed!

In the past four years, we went from a household of two + cat + dog

….to a household of two + 3 year old + 17 month old + cat.

We sadly had to put Habibi down last year 🙁

I’ve certainly changed. My perspective on work is different. My perspective on life is different. My priorities are different. How I want to spend my time is different.

Motherhood has provided me with another lens. Adjusting to a new identity and new reality has been easy in one respect but also difficult in others because I’ve not lost the person I was before kids. I’m still that person. I just have another layer to me. Like when Shrek tells Donkey, “Ogres are like onions…Onions have layers. Ogres have layers.” Did I just quote Shrek? Yes, I did. My toddler’s been watching all the Shrek movies these days. I digress…

I still love to create. I am an artist and storyteller at heart, that will never change.

I just have more balls to juggle, some I’ve dropped, others are odd shapes. Some days feel easy, other days not so much. Oftentimes I can be hard on myself for not doing enough or being enough or whatever expectations I have for myself. It’s a never-ending cycle of feeling guilty. Yeah, that #momguilt is REAL!

When I get really stressed, I find I’m less patient and short tempered with people, especially the people I love most. It’s certainly not how I want to be, and it compounds on the guilt I feel! …UGH!

I don’t give myself enough grace.

So for 2020, I’d like to focus on ‘kind’ — being kind to others and especially being more kind to myself. I hope through intentional kindness, the choices and actions I pursue will work itself out.

So here’s to 2020!